What happens if you stop eating processed foods?

You can lose weight. Over time, cutting back on processed foods can help you lose weight. After eliminating those extra calories from unnecessary ingredients, you might see the scale sag. This lifestyle change can help you lose weight and prevent obesity, Weber said.

It could get worse before it gets better. You'll most likely feel tired, irritable, and cravings for the first 5 days after you stop eating processed foods. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating when I say the word “addiction”. Although genes play a huge role, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite if you choose to eliminate processed foods, since most of them have high levels of sodium and sugar.

Sausages, for example, cause water retention, which further worsens the appearance of dimpled skin, and the sugar in soft drinks weakens the elasticity and collagen of the skin, making cellulite more visible. Learn more in our list of the 21 best and worst foods for cellulite. Although coffee beans have to be slightly processed to get from the forest to the cup, This Morning's pick me up maintains most of their nutritional integrity, placing it in the category of minimally processed products. To keep your coffee as natural as possible, consider what else you can mix with your beer.

Swap flavored creams (which are on our list of the 50 healthiest foods on the planet because they usually contain dyes, artificial flavors, and corn syrup) with a splash of whole or 1% milk and a cinnamon shake for flavor. Once you keep up with a healthy, clean diet, you'll feel so good that you don't even want to go back to your old habits, and when you do it from time to time, you'll notice the dramatic change in the way your body feels. My father lives with us and is addicted to meat, also to processed foods, so not eating processed foods puts him in a bad mood, but at least he drinks the juice I make without complaining. But overall, you'll start to want to eat healthier foods on a regular basis, once you eat less processed foods.

When you consistently opt for processed snacks, you strip your body of things like omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for hair health and rarely found in packaged processed products. Raw vegetables are as natural as possible, but be careful with the ingredients in salad bars, such as crispy noodles, bacon bits, and croutons, as they are not considered clean foods. Eating a clean diet rich in whole foods without chemicals or additives can help you lose weight and build those strong muscles you've been sculpting tirelessly at the gym. Think of a heroin attack to try to detoxify yourself.

You've seen the movies, it's kind of like what your body goes through when it detoxifies from the chemicals found in processed foods. Everyone has heard the phrase “processed foods” before, but many people don't really know what life would be like without them.

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