What are the 5 principles of health explain?

The fundamental principles of health are a healthy diet, not using drugs (alcohol, smoking, drugs, eating too much), regular exercise, adequate rest, and positive thinking. We can easily integrate them into our everyday lives whenever we want. These five principles of health provide us with a long, healthy and happy life. Nursing assistants follow a group of five principles or values.

These five principles are safety, dignity, independence, privacy and communication. Nursing assistants consider these five principles when performing all their functions and actions on behalf of the patients in their care. Opening the windows can help, but they really only provide fresh air near the open window. When windows and doors are closed, fresh and continuous air can be obtained through a balanced air management system, ideally installed inside the “respiratory envelope”, which draws air through a tube, filters it and then silently distributes it evenly throughout the house.

At the same time, the system silently expels damp, stale air from bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. This keeps fresh and healthy air circulating throughout the house. Walk, jog, bike, or swim once or twice a day (half to an hour) to keep your body strong and healthy. For a healthy home, make the most of smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces by replacing wall-to-wall carpets with smooth floors and fabric curtains with non-fabric alternatives.

Patients should try to stay as physically and mentally healthy as their individual conditions allow to avoid further deterioration of their health. We should do sports every day (yoga, walking), eat healthy (lots of fruit, few calories), avoid harmful substances (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, meat), think positively (overcome negative thoughts) and relax (get enough sleep, breaks, silence, meditation).

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