Does banana increase vitamin d?

When you come across fruits that contain vitamin D, bananas are another better option. This is because they are a great source of magnesium, which activates vitamin D in the body. In addition, it is suggested that a real amount of magnesium is needed to get the optimal benefits of vitamin D. However, bananas contain a lot of magnesium.

And guess what? One of the many reasons you need magnesium is that, once vitamin D is in your bloodstream, magnesium works, making magnesium essential for accessing the many benefits of vitamin D. Humble and delicious bananas are an excellent source of magnesium, which plays an important role in activating vitamin D in the body. Fish oils are an excellent source of vitamin D and omega-3 acids. A 100 g salmon fillet contains 450 IU of vitamin D and wild salmon contains a higher amount of vitamin D, 988 IU.

Bananas are another fruit rich in vitamin D and also a great source of magnesium that activates the vitamin D content in our body. Another great source of vitamin D in vegetables are mushrooms. In the presence of sunlight, fungi can synthesize their vitamin D content and are said to contain 2300 IU per 100 g. Commercially grown mushrooms contain a lower amount of vitamin D.

Few brands synthesize mushrooms under ultraviolet light and contain around 350 IU of vitamin D. Spending a small amount of time each day in sunlight can help you eat vitamin D and include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin D, such as mushrooms, tofu and soy milk, in the diet, which are fortified foods. Vitamins, fats and proteins (26%) carbohydrates should be included in the appropriate proportion for a healthy diet.

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